How technological know-how and Occult technology paintings

The Inductive technique of ScienceScience adopts the Aristotelian, inductive technique to transport from the unique to the general, as an alternative like assembling individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: discrete observational statistics are amassed and step by step geared up right into a fashionable image, the latter being a mental representational version of the physical results found. The mind process is predominantly intellectual, applied in a linear mode. The gadgets of research are constrained to, and conditioned via, the 5 bodily senses and their extensions, as telescopes and microscopes, etc. The end result is a precise description of the appearances, behaviour and bodily mechanisms of the Universe-Nature in her manifold appearances. The triumphing clinical paradigm of materialism has many unsupported and unsubstantiated assumptions. bodily or mathematical modelling are principal capabilities of the medical approach of inquiry. which means science itself isn’t always about reality or know-how, in keeping with se-instead an interpretation of the bodily international.The Deductive technique of Occult ScienceBy contrast, Occult science works within the Platonic lifestyle of transferring from the overall to the unique inside the Ring bypass-now not (i.e. restricting barriers of evolutionary growth) of every international machine: the overall, grand image is first found out in its essential nature, and the way this presents itself as precise effects then expounded. The thoughts method is basically ‘lateral questioning’ and intuitive, implemented in an all-inclusive mode. The units of investigation aren’t restricted to the physical senses. This offers profound insights into the starting place, critical nature and manifestation of Nature in her real self.CONFLUENCE among science AND OCCULT SCIENCEWhy Many Scientists are also Embracing MysticismThese days we discover growing numbers of scientists turning in the direction of mysticism as a complement to the rational clinical approach. A evaluate of the arena-huge listing of contributors of The scientific and scientific network will indicate this truth. moreover, teachers and college students on the Massachusetts Institute of era have fashioned an alchemical society and frequently take a look at the name of the game Doctrine. at some point of Millikan’s tenure at Cal Tech, a duplicate of the name of the game Doctrine lodged within the library became so much in call for that one needed to positioned one’s name on an extended waiting listing. This work is likewise discussed periodically on the Harvard club in new york via several chemistry instructors, together with MIT professors.Why then, such an upsurge in interest in mysticism and occult technology? We defined above that in investigating something by means of the scientific technique, we are able to describe its look, behaviour and characteristics with the aid of status apart from it (the discoveries from quantum physics notwithstanding). but by means of the occult method so as to recognize its inner nature, we’ve got literally to come to be the very factor we wish to research-or at least to participate in it. that is why the occult gadget continually operates from inside to with out, and prefers to research Nature through taking part with her tactics, rather than interrogating her outward’s miles by way of virtue of such interior insights that Blavatsky turned into capable of make prophetic feedback in the mystery Doctrine about future trends in natural technology, for example:The wave motion of living debris will become comprehensible at the concept of a spiritual ONE life, of a frequent important principle, impartial of our matter, and manifesting as atomic strength most effective on our aircraft of attention. The above assertion shows foreknowledge approximately three statistics that are now normally general through technology, specifically: (a) the energy inside the atom; (b) the wave-like nature of particles, and the particle-like nature of waves; and (c) the vitality and ‘attention’ of debris. Blavatsky turned into in all opportunity the first man or woman to use the terms ‘atomic power’ and the ‘wave motion of dwelling particles’, which technological know-how has determined for itself, the use of its personal methods of investigation.inside the area of lifestyles sciences, we find comparable portentous statements, including:It isn’t against zoological and anthropological discoveries, based at the fossils of guy and animal, that every mystic and believer in a divine soul inwardly revolts, however handiest in opposition to the uncalled-for conclusions constructed on preconceived theories and made to match in with sure prejudices.pushed inexorably by the strain in their very own discoveries, and an increasing number of inconsistent theories to account for them, scientists are slowly awakening to the fact of Blavatsky’s announcement. this can soon turn out to be obvious.for this reason in view of the foregoing, it isn’t always unexpected that the greatest scientists, beyond and gift, have found out the limits of the manner of scientific inquiry and sensed the want for extra intuitive procedures.

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